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Payot dropper delivers intensive care vitamin treatment

Payot’s Cure Intense Clarté is a vitamin-enriched radiance serum contained in a Twin Mix pack developed by Quadpack. Thanks to the combination of vitamin C and Derma-WhiteBerry Complex, this energising treatment revives the transparency and radiance of even the dullest complexion.

Cure Intense Clarté comes in three 10ml vials for a 21-day treatment. The serum corrects pigmentation defects, smoothes the features and protects the skin against UV damage.

Quadpack’s Twin Mix pack is ideal for high-value, intensive treatments that contain active ingredients preserved in powder form. Pressing the cap perforates the seal that separates the powder from the liquid. The consumer shakes the pack to mix the two formulas, in order to activate the treatment. The product is then applied using a pipette dropper.

Part of Payot’s Absolute Pure White range, Cure Intense Clarté features glossy grey pearl lacquering, with plum-coloured lettering applied using one-pass silk-screening.

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