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Fine, dry mist from Quadpack Group's airless tube

Mist dispensers are all the rage at the moment. Applications are many and varied, including refreshing facial mists, make-up fixers, facial toners and a host of hair care uses such as hair spray and ocean mist with UV protection. Now, Quadpack Group unveils its own contribution to the category that offers distinct advantages over the current batch of fine mist sprayers on the market: the Yonwoo Airless Spray Tube.

"Four years of intense development have yielded a truly dry, fine misty spray in a convenient and cost-effective packaging form to give marketers a meaningful consumer experience," said James Ki, President of Yonwoo, Quadpack Group's manufacturing partner.

This premium tube is endowed with Yonwoo's airless technology. That means that the formula is protected from oxidation and outside contamination. What's more, every last drop of the product used, with no wastage. And because it's airless, it can be used from any angle – sideways, upside down, in fact, 360 degrees – an important consideration for hair applications. After all, it's hard to apply a hair care product to the back of your head while holding the dispenser upright. The Airless Spray Tube solves that problem.

The Airless Spray Tube is available with either an interior aluminium (LuxeFoil) or EVOH (ethyl vinyl alcohol copolymer) layer, providing a further barrier against oxygen and other exterior elements.

The tube can be decorated using offset, screen printing and hot stamping, while the collar can be dressed with aluminium to enhance the premium look.

Available in 25 and 30mm diameter, the Airless Spray Tube is petite and portable and perfect for on-the-go usage.

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