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Mix or don't mix - you decide with Yonwoo's Dual Dish jar!

Some days, you prefer to go natural; others you prefer a little more coverage. Yonwoo's Dual Dish allows you to decide on the spot. This airless cream jar has two compartments for moisturiser and foundation – or any other winning combination that your brand devises. These are pumped separately into a central mixing dish where they can be blended and applied with fingertips or a brush.

As women express a desire to play a more active role in their skincare, Dual Dish provides a satisfying, elegant solution. Its wide buttons are easy to press and its smooth, concave tray allows for easy mixing, ensuring only a minimum of product touches the hands. The tray can be cleaned with a simple wipe after use.

The formulas are contained in two collapsible airless bags inside. Yonwoo's patented technology prevents contact with air, protecting them from oxidisation, reducing the need for artificial preservatives and prolonging overall shelf life. The vacuum pump dispenses 100% of the product with no waste – a common concern among consumers.

Dual Dish comes in 45ml and 60ml capacities. Its walls, actuators, mixing dish and cap provide plenty of scope for creative decoration, making it an attractive, as well as smart packaging solution.

Check out Dual Dish in our online catalogue.

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