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No challenge is too great – business development in the 21st century

The second article of Quadpack’s packaging development series shows how its BD team is committed to exceeding expectations

Experienced salesmen from the 20th century had a common saying: “The client is always right”. But what if, as Steve Jobs famously said, clients don’t know what they want until you show them? The successful trajectory of Jobs and his company implies that sales and business development have changed. Disruptive technology and the urge for innovative solutions have been the main drivers of the 21st-century businesses, and it includes the packaging industry.

Quadpack’s business development team has a main goal – to make long-term partnerships with clients. To do so, they must match budgets and technical requirements, act as consultants and advisors and even bring unexpected solutions. Discover more about what’s behind Quadpack's business development work:

The future is here – As a beauty packaging provider, Quadpack is always up-to-date with the main trends in make-up, fragrance and skincare, and even beyond the beauty business! They inspire the BD team to come up with new ideas and product innovation that, if approved by clients, can be developed in-house.

Side by side – Many bespoke projects start as mutual collaborations: the client has a budget and some market positioning details, so the BD digs up more details to find a customised solution, taking formulas, technical details and timeline into consideration. It’s also common that beauty brands have everything in mind and want to invest in research to develop their unique packaging with our engineering experts. In any case, partnership is key: we work side by side with clients, fillers and suppliers to deliver the perfect packaging.

We love challenges! – Young or small brands often struggle to find what they really expect from a packaging supplier – sometimes it’s the first time they have this sort of contact! Respecting their budget constraints, the Quadpack BD team helps them to write their story, looking at their future launches and business plans to develop a consistent, long-term strategy.

Spot-on partnerships – Long standing clients provide a more defined framework, since the BD team is familiar with their preferences, products and market. Many enduring collaborations are called an “industrial partnership”: the team sticks to technical details and makes sure quality, budget and time are rigorously met.

Top secret – Some of Quadpack’s big clients have bold, disruptive projects and rely on our BD team to find “the next big thing”: whether if it’s a new, sustainable material or a pack that will hold its new secret formula.

Do you have a project you want to explore? Find out what BD can do for you and contact your local sales representative.

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