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Let’s experience the future!

New consumers’ values, desires and choices are the main inspiration for Quadpack 2024 themes

We’re witnessing a revolution. Environmental changes have united people for true climate action, society demands more inclusion and tolerance, and technology is redefining the meaning of connection and community. This is all part of a big, profound shift towards a future where all businesses need to position themselves to be able to communicate with clients. It’s a time where consumers take the lead, make their choices and demand implementation from brands, beauty being no exception.

While we can’t ignore how the pandemic and the measures needed to be taken with COVID-19 have affected us all, positivity should be one of the outcomes of such a crisis. We’re experiencing a turning point in how we live, behave, improve our lives and those of others.

At Quadpack we see even more reason to look to the future, to be sensitive to the changing needs and help required within our society but to also engage in imagination and creative spirit. Inspired by such powerful changes in society, Quadpack’s Design and Advanced Technology team is presenting #qppackfuture, a collection of themes based around experiences. Through them, we share our perspective of how people will live, feel and connect in the next few years.

Breaking moulds: An inclusive world is a place where everyone can be themselves and have the means to do so. Products must be accessible for all, breaking down barriers that still may exclude some people’s needs. Positive solutions come from empathy and embracing the difference!

Less is more: Luxury is being reinvented. Conspicuous consumption is now giving place to thoughtful purchase behaviours, where waste reduction, sustainable materials and simple ingredients are prized. A perfect marriage between minimalism and stable, long-lasting solutions.

Community labs: In a time where our homes are becoming our workplace as well as our place for entertainment and recreation, the need for combining essentials with need becomes more important. Wellbeing, convenience and sustainable solutions that also cater to individual needs will be crucial. Technology will challenge how and when people connect with the world around them. The purchasing experience will be affected by how and where we connect with the product.

Are you ready to experience the future?

Stay tuned to our webinar series to present #qppackfuture and discover how each theme connects to you!

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