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The power of volunteering

Quadpack Foundation ends 2022 with a record number of volunteers, projects and donations 

Quadpack Manufacturing Quality Manager Claudia Barros always wanted to volunteer in a social project but never had the chance until she joined the company a year ago.

During her onboarding in Barcelona, she was introduced to the Quadpack Foundation and the possibility of using up to 16 hours a year for volunteering activities.

Since then, she’s been involved in three different projects, helping young people build their skill sets and career plans. 

“It’s been a life-changing experience. Volunteering is the best way to use my time for a good purpose. I will certainly continue doing it and want to pass this mindset on to my child,” she says.

Like Claudia, many of the 162 Quadpackers who engaged in volunteering activities during 2022 did it for the first time. In total, Quadpackers, their friends and family dedicated 829 hours to 49 environmental and social projects, all record numbers since the creation of the foundation in 2016.

Apart from promoting volunteering, the Quadpack Foundation also made the highest total donations in 2022, with around €60,000 given to positive-impact causes in nine countries. 

Quadpack Key Account Manager Jimmy Kim is also the foundations’ ambassador in Korea, where he’s based. Alongside his colleagues, he participated in two volunteering activities focused on kindergarten children. The most recent one was in November, an educational event about bees and the environment.

“We were so nervous about getting along with the little ones. We played together and even made a sustainable soap with materials we brought as a gift. In the end, we all felt we got more than what we gave,” he says.  

Volunteering is part of Quadpack Foundation’s strategy to engage stakeholders with positive-impact actions, wherever they are based.

Since 2021, the foundation has had a dedicated manager, Marta Gil, who has the ambition to bring not only Quadpackers and their relatives, but also clients, suppliers and neighbours to participate in environmental and social projects.

She says: “Volunteering is becoming an inherent part of Quadpack life. Our commitment to our planet and our communities is a fundamental part of our purpose.” 

Do you want to become a Quadpack Foundation volunteer and make a positive impact? Click here to subscribe to the Quadpack Foundation newsletter or access the foundation’s website

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