The Feel Good Factor – Packaging concepts for new textures

It seems like the dark ages when we only talked about ‘creams and colognes’. These days, technology, innovation and a host of cultural and social factors have pushed the textures of beauty and cosmetic products beyond our imagination. Capsules, balms, jellies, scrubs – beauty these days is not just high-tech, it’s also fun and consistently surprising.

Quadpack stays at the forefront of this technology by continually researching and developing bespoke projects and new references, and by partnering with the world’s most innovative packaging creators.

Sensorial experiences

Popping caps, twisting sponges, the tactile sensuality of wood and silicone and the smell of leather… Little things mean a lot when it comes to seducing customers. Quadpack’s The Elemental Collection is a compendium of new and classic materials – from textured wood to cork, ceramic and stone – that can be incorporated into packaging and personalised using the latest decorative processes.

In a consumer landscape that longs for the natural, wood is the new black, and the YouWood collection presents a range of technically advanced make-up dispensers in wood sourced from sustainable forests.


In a culture of uncertainty, having fun has taken on greater significance. Skincare capsules, foundation powders and solid fragrances all have a ‘surprise element’ and their packaging architecture needs to follow through, enhancing that ‘wow!’ moment for the customer.

Quadpack’s research into digital printing has opened up a host of colourful, graphic and statement-making possibilities. Applied to wood, ceramic or even glass, it can render the product with just about any look you want, from vintage to futuristic.

Colour coding looks great in-store and on the bathroom shelf, and the colourful rings and collars on Quadpack’s pan sticks add a pop of happiness to the most classic of make-up packaging concepts.

Let’s get technical

New textures often require a packaging solution tailor-made to the formula’s technical requirements. The no-water formula trend has pushed forward the development of Yonwoo’s Powder Spray, which delivers a targeted puff of powder foundations and other powder-based products.

High performance capsule formulas have found a friend in Capsule Airless, also from Yonwoo. Its advanced system allows the capsule to pass through the dispenser intact. It is then popped and is spread on the skin manually – a sensorial ritual that combines both technology and a human touch, or the best of both worlds.

The sky is the limit in this brave new textural frontier, and Quadpack is continually working to make sure tomorrow’s formulations are supported and enhanced with on-trend design and the latest technology.

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